Micro-needling Price List


Micro-needling, the use of small needle pulsations to help stimulate the body’s own regeneration of collagen.

Treating fine lines, wrinkles, scaring, acne scaring, hair thinning, stretch marks, loose or sagging skin and combination skin/blocked pores.

Typically treatments are every 3weeks for a total of 3-6 treatments to achieve desire results.

The exception to this is male pattern baldness/ thinning hair which requires a treatment every week for 12weeks (as demonstrated in latest research studies)

Treatment time ranges from 30-60min.

Onset of results dependent on treatment.

Back to work immediately (redness reduces by 70% within 3hrs).

Swelling none but will have redness.

Facial Areas & Upper Chest

£125 per treatment  (one treatment)

£100 per treatment (course of 3 or more treatments)

Stretch Marks 

£150  per treatment (one session)

£100 per treatment (course of 4 more treatments)

Male pattern baldness / Hair thinning

£150 per treatment (one session)

£100 per treatment (course of 4 or more)