Upper Face Anti-Wrinkle Injections

 Forehead Lines

 Forehead Lines

Crow’s Feet

 Frown Lines

Lower Face Botulinum Injections

 Botulinum injections for bruxism (teeth grinding) & wide-set jaw

Gummy Smile

“Turkey neck” Treatment

“Turkey Neck” Treatment

Dermal Lip Filler

Lip filler 2ml over 6months

Tear Trough Treatment

(under eye)

Chin & Jawline Augmentation

July 2018 – Pretreatment

Feb 2019 – After treatment including chin (nasolabial lines, anti-wrinkle injections, lips and cheeks)

Chin treatment to soften jowls

Cheek Augmentation

Nose to Mouth Lines

(Nasolabial folds)

Deep Line Filler

Facial Rejuvenation

(Facial Peels)