Facial Peel Price List

Facial Peels work at the superficial level of the skin to treat a variety of skin problems, such as acne, pigmentation, sun-damage and wrinkles.

Treatments last about 45-60min and can be repeated every 2-4 weeks depending on the type of peel.

The PCA Skin system was designed in Arizona, USA, and came to the UK market 2yrs ago. Since then it has grown significantly due to its high quality products. It offers a great range of treatment products in its facial peel’s range and has a fantastic range of post-care products that complement your treatment.

To book for a free consultation click here or find out more visit the PCA website

Click here to visit the PCA Skin website

Facial Treatments

(including the Red Carpet, Detoxifying & Teen Acne treatments)


Starting from £55

These treatments are great for freshening up the skin, creating a glowing complexion before an event or detoxify the skin. These treatments do not cause peeling of the skin and results last from a 2-7days

PCA Perfecting Peel & Mini Peel

(includes aftercare products)

Starting from £85

Corrects moderate wrinkles, lines & sun damage.

It works deeper into the skin to tackle pores, acne, pigmentation and wrinkles. Some clients may experience skin shedding post treatment, however this can be treated with after care products. Shedding occurs day 2-7 post treatment.

Treatments can be customised with additional masks and serum boosters. Please speak with Dr Ellard to discuss your skin needs.

Prescription Only

(includes aftercare products)

Starting from £185

Known as the retinol peels. These are great for deep lines & wrinkles, along with moderate sun damage & hyperpigmentation.

Due to the retinol component clients will experience some redness and skin peeling day 2-7.

NHS 10% discount (full price only)