Dr Rebecca Ellard is a medical doctor who also practices in botox, dermal fillers and facial peels. 

She runs the business with her husband Mr Arman Memarzadeh, an orthopaedic surgeon.


Dr Ellard completed her aesthetics training with ‘DermaMedical’, a world renowned international training scheme based in London, and is able to offer over 18 different treatments to clients, excluding facial peels.

Dr Ellard undertook her medical training at Bart’s & London Medical School, gaining her MBBS in 2012 before moving to Cambridge to train as a GP in 2015. Her other qualifications include medical teaching (PGCME), family planning and sexual health (FRSH) and Biomedical Science (BSc).


Dr Ellard takes great pride in her work and continues to develop and improve her practice through training courses, aesthetics journals and client feedback, to provide the best possible care and treatments for her clients.

Her client base continues to grow and she values their loyalty and the relationships she has with them. Her team is also growing, allowing her to provide more time to clients and increase the number of services.


She is registered with ‘SaveFace’, a national register of accredited practitioners who provide non-surgical cosmetic treatments and a regulatory body which ensures the highest quality and safest service.

Her medical indemnity is with Cosmetic Insure.

Dr Ellard maintains a high standard of care for her patients, prioritising their safety. Her aim is to enable clients to enhance their natural self, feeling confident in their bodies.

Dr Ellard welcomes any questions that you may have, so please feel free to get in touch via our contact page