Botulinum Toxin Price List

Anti-wrinkle Treatment Areas

Botulinum Injections (also known as anti-wrinkle injections) use botulinum toxin to soften wrinkles and relax muscles that can lead to the formation of wrinkles.

Additionally we use botulinum toxin to treat excessive sweating (also known as hyperhydrosis), jaw grinding (also known as bruxism) and jowls formation of  the neck.

Typically treatments are every 3-4months with the exception of excessive sweating and jowl treatment, which is every 6months. All patients will be invited for a review at 2weeks where a free top-up is offered if needed.

Treatment time ranges from 15-30min.

Onset of results are 2weeks.

Back to work immediately.

Swelling none but can have some redness for 10min-15mins.

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Frown lines


For the treatment/prevention of lines between the eyebrows. Lasts 3-4months

Forehead lines


For the treatment or prevention of lines across the forehead. Lasts 3-4months

Crow’s feet


For the treatment or prevention of lines around the corners the eyes. Lasts 3-4months

Brow lift

from £130

Using botox to create a lift of the brow or to change the shape of the brow. Lasts 3-4months

Gummy smile

from £130

For the treatment of exposed upper gums when smiling. Lasts 3-4months

Smoker’s lines

from £130

For the treatment of lines around the upper lip. Lasts 3-4months

Downturned mouth


For the treatment of an “upside down” smile at rest. Lasts 3-4months

Pebble chin

from £130

For the treatment of a dimpled chin, often exacerbated by smiling. Lasts 3-4months

Nose wrinkles

from £130

Also known as bunny lines. For the treatment or prevention of lines either side of the nose. Lasts 3-4months

Combined Anti-wrinkle Areas

1 Area


2 Areas


3 Areas


4 Areas


Any addition area


Other Botox Treatments

Wideset jaw/masseters/ Bruxism (teeth grinding)


Using botulin injections into the lower masseter area to treat teeth grinding, and/or a wideset jaw. Lasts 4-6months

Turkey neck/Non-surgical face lift


Using botulin injections to reduce the function of the platysmal bands to uplift the neck and soften facial features. Lasts 4-6months

Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)


Using botulin injections under the armpits in the treatment or excessive sweating. Lasts 4-6months

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